Church Purpose

First Baptist Church exists to glorify God through.

  • worship and fellowship as the People of God
  • the understanding of God's word and the discovery of God's will in our lives
  • fostering prayer and Spiritual growth
  • the witness to God's saving love in Jesus Christ for all people
  • the maintaining of our unique Baptist heritage

Church Beliefs

We believe that God tells us about Himself, about His purposes for us, and about His provision for our attainment of these purposes by means of the Bible, the Inspired Book that tells us of His nature and work, and that introduces us to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, who appeared in human form in response to Divine purpose, giving Himself in death on the cross for our Salvation, living anew in the Resurrection, and who shall appear again on earth. We believe that God also reveals Himself in the Holy Spirit, who comforts and sanctifies the saints, and who testifies to the ungodly concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment. We do moreover believe that God speaks through the Christian Church, a Divinely called fellowship.

We do moreover believe that those who have personally confessed Jesus Christ as Savior should, in obedience to His example and command, be immersed in the rite of baptism. We believe that the Lord's Supper is a commemorative meal in which we symbolize His death for us and remind ourselves that we are awaiting His return. We believe in the separation of Church and State. We believe that governing authority should be vested in the local church.


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